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Number 121. This is the 121st. Ensure you Oklahoma cat. And I’m looking for a pen. I can’t find one right now. Let me keep looking while we’re talking and probably checkbook crap. I didn’t lead truck check. Shrunken check. Did Chuck and check check. Alright. No pen. Oh wait, I’m in the car and that’s, you know, sometimes it’s hard to do things and of course you don’t want to get into an accident because accents or bad. But that’s why we have insurance. That was the world’s greatest segue right there. I found a pen on the floor and I reached down to get it, but I made sure the vehicle was stopped and in park before I did because had I kept driving, Home Insurance Tulsa I could have coasted right through that stop sign and hit that car from Tulsa overhead door and I don’t want to do that.

So what I did was I stopped and put the car in park now that would have affected my auto insurance. If I had gotten an excellent [inaudible] this surely would have been my fault. Don’t call them. Surely but surely it would have been my fault and uh, that’s my rate to go up and it’d be up for three years, three years of higher rates. Now we already have one bad driver in the family, that’s my wife and get a claim review once in a while. So our insurance is high. We have to youthful drivers, 1:16, 1:18 and um, but they have good grades and so good, great help with auto insurance. They don’t do anything for home insurance, salsa, but they do help with auto insurance. Home Insurance Tulsa, and you know, we see a lot of, I think we’re seeing more incidents of bad drivers, like right here.

Are you turning left from the lane or can we merge over? There you go. But with the advent of texting and driving or not even texting and driving, texting and driving, people stuck at stoplights and I looked down at their phone immediately and they start doing something and they don’t go when the light turns and then you got to honk at them. Well, you know what, I tried a little friendly too, but they don’t understand the friendly too from a hey, get going. So they always take it in the negative even though they’re wrong. They’re the ones that I’m not sitting there texting. Uh, what I do is I push the button and I wait for a voice to come on Siri and I tell Siri what to do, but I’m always paying attention to the road. Home Insurance Tulsa Other people are not. You know, how many times do you drive down the highway and someone looking at their damn phone.

It’s just causes more accidents, bad, bad drivers. Bad drivers are the ones who are doing it. That makes it all worse. It’s a good drivers, by definition wouldn’t text and drive because they’re good drivers, you know, it’s, it just doesn’t matter. Bad drivers, texting and driving. I don’t understand it. Now. Hopefully the technology in the cars will catch up where drivers can keep their eyes on the road and him text read to them. You can already send texts about looking down at him. Folks. It’s really not that hard. You just pushed a button and do it. I did send one to my son this morning and uh, you know, it gets there now. John is spelled Home Insurance Tulsa point and quite frankly, there’s a certain amount of Primerica grammatical latitude that is given in the text. No one expects you to be punctual to pumps weight correctly or you use proper grammar even spell correctly because after all it is just a text.

Um, it reminds me I got to get to the office and check on Doug’s Toyota makes sure that full coverage, I’m pretty sure it does because he has a lien on it and, but he called me this morning early and he answered and that kind of white glove service we provided ensure you will call them up and say I’ll be doing payroll to pay our agents who are kicking ass and taking names. Taken care of friends and clients, you know, that’s what it’s all about. We got to get out there and meet more people and get more referrals. We have to get more people, more clients, but we specialize in home insurance call center. That doesn’t mean we don’t write auto insurance. We do. Right daughter, Home Insurance Tulsa what’s can we have business? Very good business and life insurance. As a matter of fact, I think I’m taking her life insurance tests next Wednesday and once I pass that, I will be offering life in longterm care insurance, uh, which you know is needed by everyone.

But if you don’t have life insurance and you need it, then you’re an idiot. Are you a cowboy or an idiot? You know, you’re going to be able to tune into our new podcast, cowboys and idiots starting soon. Or I’m going to origin. I have a weekly show, a weekly spot on a radio show here in Tulsa, Oklahoma, but the podcasts can be less than two anywhere and we’re probably gonna have to expand our offerings. Do you understand? Because the podcast is listened to and all 50 states around the world especially. There’s a. we’re going to be on in Portland, Oregon talking about home insurance, but people will want that. And so we’re going to need agents out there probably. Home Insurance Tulsa, when we do, we’re always recruiting. We’re always looking for new agents. Now, what is this person, this little hybrid civic doing? Keep touching, not touching your brain.

Oh, you’re texting and driving. I do not want to ensure that person. Oh, there’s a cop. Let’s hope the cop pulls him over, gives them the hymns and the one to, let’s, let’s make sure that our cop didn’t see it. You’re going to pull someone over there. It’s gonna. Go a little over the speed limit when dangerous, because we have cars built for it now. But you’re going to let some more on texting and driving in a hybrid that they’re saving the world. They’re not burning dirty coal to, Home Insurance Tulsa, give you electricity for your stupid hybrid anyway. But we’re talking about home insurance, Salsa today. We’re also talking about bad people texting and driving, and there’s someone I’m next to someone with a bluetooth thing in her ear and people still do that. You know what she’s gonna do? She’s gonna get out of her car and she’s going to go into her.

She’s going to leave that thing or ir and someone’s going to call her and she’s going to walk around the dollar general would that stupid thing in her ear talking to someone like she’s so important. She’s got a handicap sticker on her car and she smoked a whole bunch of things that I can put together here about this woman. Let me get. If you quit smoking and lost 80 pounds, you wouldn’t need the handicap sticker. Just get just the guest. Oh, you have fibromyalgia. Things hurt because you have a poor lifestyle. Why is that my fault? I’ve got my property. I’m just here to write home insurance, salsa and make people and mortgage brokers happy. We’re developing a new coffee club and we’re going to have that. Home Insurance Tulsa What we’re calling it, the coffee club, and we’re going to talk to our. We’re going to talk to mortgage brokers about eliminating red tape from their closing because they don’t get paid until a new home buyer buys the home.

And what do you mean when you buy a home and you need a mortgage? Home Insurance Tulsa. And so if you want to eliminate red tape from a call, the guys that ensure you Oklahoma, we really need to get jeff up and go in Japanese to write something. Well, Shannon goes to Shannon. Still a natural market. That guy, you need to get out there. You need to ask people. We are the best. Forget the rest and stop texting and driving. I want to watch this lady. I bet if you smoke and you have a handicap sticker, you’re a bad drive. So I’m going to follow her all the way to where she’s going and she’s going to get out with that stupid bluetooth thing in her ear and walk around talking to people. She’s not. She’s driving a jeep. Liberty. What does she do? She’s handicapped. She was going to the dollar general, not from guessing dispersions. I also think, uh, Dr Ford is lying. That’s just a person. I think she’s got a bunch of issues and she’s lying and the Democrats are sticking up for. And they shouldn’t be just a mistake. But anyway, that’s how we roll. It is true you Oklahoma, go to ensure you oklahoma.com. And we’re going to click on the join our team and we hope you’re willing and you will be joining our team show. Until next time, this was a podcast, 121 talking about texting and driving.