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Five gas slash blog slash information super highway podcast number 93, 93 should reach the milestone of 100 before pride. Actually Friday we need to be at one. Oh six. Okay. So, um, what about home insurance? Don’t you understand? What causes someone to not want to bet? And just one Jesus. Well, what if I told you you can’t have your cake and eat it too? You can have for good and cheap. Now might not be fat because we have seven different companies for you, but good and cheap. You know the, the money you save is long forgotten when you have a claim. Remember that the money you save is long forgotten when you have a claim and the last time you want to have a problem is when you have a claim and Home Insurance Tulsa something is not covered. Now, don’t get me wrong. Insurance companies love to ensure and they will give you an opportunity to ensure everything. And uh, you could do it. You could insure everything. You could hook up your checking account to the insurance company, takes all of your money, and then when you stub your toe you will get a check, but you wanted me to gather money leftover to do anything else. If anything happens, you dropped lamp, falls and breaks. It’s going to be covered if you get your id stolen, whatever covered.

But is that really what you want? You really want everything. You need everything covered. If you’re a person of mean, Home Insurance Tulsa what I recommend is having a deductible is high. As you can afford $5,000. It’s just how much you want to insure yourself. And believe me insurance in Oklahoma, especially home insurance is getting expensive enough where you’ll need to start self insuring something or a lot of things. You know you don’t need coverage for your goat in the pasture, but we talked to a company yesterday. Go off, it cost $20 a year to ensure your goat. Well guess what? How much go Scott? Yeah, about 20 bucks.

I don’t know why people want to or feel the need to ensure everything. Not Everything has to be insured and I’m sorry if you have a a home claim that’s 900 or a thousand or 1500, we’re going to tell you to not turn it in and pay for it yourself anyway because insurance companies don’t like a lot of claims and if you have a lot of claims, you’re going to be dropped or you’re going to pay very high rate. Believe me, we ran rates for a client yesterday or a prospect yesterday. He has three water claims. He says only two. So let’s say it’s two to Insurance House that would normally be about $1,700. It was $5,300 because of those claims. And most of our companies wouldn’t even touch it. Home Insurance Tulsa Don’t touch with a 10 foot pole. So, uh, you know, are those little claims, were they worth it?

And I don’t think so. I don’t think they work because believe me, the insurance companies are getting the money back. So it’s for home insurance, Tulsa. You have to calculate hopefully with the aid and assistance of a good professional agent, how much you can afford to Keith. Now also, if, if you have a high deductible, you’re making insurance companies happy and they’re likely to issue the policy faster, not raise your rents much, be more understanding when a claim comes because you are sharing the risk with them. It only makes sense. Stress companies don’t necessarily want to take on all the risks. Uh, they want a partnership with you because if you think arrested for everything, you’re likely to turn in a lot of claims. In effect. We added the insurance company that we talked to yesterday, looks at your motor vehicle report and pulls it in to predict how many claims you might have on your home insurance also.

So we definitely want to keep that low. We want to keep it deductible. Hi, I’m, I’m an Oklahoma City now where the others, a store bruin because we’re in Oklahoma City now. Oklahoma itself as, and a lot of uh, bad weather in awhile, but when it does, it seems to be on the south side of city of that, of the safe. Home Insurance Tulsa it’s usually in Oklahoma City. Last donators tornadoes were El Reno and more insurance companies are starting to look and say, hey, maybe there are some weather pattern changes and when it comes to home insurance also, maybe we don’t have to raise rates as much charge as much and I can tell you by having friends in other industries, the industry, they also think that there’s water weather pattern changes and they are allocating less resources to the Tulsa area and more toward the Oklahoma City or even further south in tech.

We are ensure you. Oklahoma is a. Oh, what does that kind of deal is a um, Oklahoma based company. We are the premier personal lines agency in Tulsa, Oklahoma and we have extensions in Oklahoma City Tech. Our tosa number is nine. One eight, three, two, two seven, one zero zero. Oklahoma City is four. Oh, five, three, two, two, five, five, zero one A. Right now I’m driving on 35 and I’m behind this camper just going right down the middle of the road at 10 to nine in the morning and go and drive 50 miles an hour. You know, I don’t know, maybe that guy is a cautious driver, just a jerk or a bad driver. I don’t know, but she was me. Someone who might do that might also a lot of sites. I don’t know, Home Insurance Tulsa that’s just me talking. I’m, I’m going to have to get back earlier today because my son John is going to be working at the Tulsa drillers game tonight.

Pillars number, double enter and not sure who they’re playing, but they, uh, they need to keep winning. They’re going to make the playoffs. It seems like every year we do this. We have to keep winning at the end and then we fall short every freaking year. Then again, I guess I, I don’t think that the teams really care and they’re not that really concerned about a winning the playoffs because quite frankly when the season’s over, people stopped going to game and they don’t make any money. In fact, Home Insurance Tulsa they might even lose money in the playoffs and that’s certainly his group or hockey and Tulsa. But I don’t know, maybe it is more painful to, uh, put it away. We really sincerely hope that the growers do make the playoffs. It’d be great if fun. I like playoff. Baseball’s fun. Began at a St Louis Cardinals. That’s got to be the hottest theme.

Baseball, they just don’t lose. I think if they do lose. My son’s gonna have a, but they’re not losing. They’re in first place by one and a half. Came from the wild card and they’re only like four games behind the cubs with vision. And uh, we’re hoping, I don’t think they’re gonna win them while they’re going to win the division. That’s a wild card. I, no, it’s not a big difference when they both make the playoffs, but some other can tattooed up all over going right down the middle lane on 60 miles an hour a year ago. Let’s get going. Alright, Home Insurance Tulsa here I am in Oklahoma City right by the national cowboy and Western Heritage Museum. That’s a great museum. Gerber here and want to visit it, but when it comes to talking and getting your home insurance, Tulsa, a renewed reviewed or just a new policy giving us a call at ensure you Oklahoma at nine. One, eight, three, two, two, seven, one zero, zero, or nine. One, eight, four. Oh, five, three, two, two, 55. Oh, one. Or check us out on the web. You can google us. You could, uh, just checking us out and see where if we don’t have the best rates and the best white club service for you. Until then I’m signing off. I’m going into a meeting. Goodbye.