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Business Insurance


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Veterinary Hospitals, Contractors and Sub-Contractors, Condominium Associations, Non-Profit Organizations, Landlords, Rental Homes, Apartment Buildings, Churches, Warehouses, Schools, Personal Services, Medical Offices and Clinics, Grocers, Restaurants, Retails Stores, Business Offices, Oil and Gas Industry, and Even Pumpkin Patches!


Whether your business is a start-up, rapidly growing, mature, or being passed to the next generation we can help with the right coverages at the right time.


1. General Liability Insurance: Every business, even if home-based, needs to have liability insurance coverage. The policy provides both defense and damages coverage if you, your employees or your products or services cause or are alleged to have caused Bodily Injury or Property Damage to a third party. A general liability (GL) policy can be the most important policy that your business carries.


2. Property Insurance: If you own your building or have business personal property or inventory, including office equipment, computers, inventory or tools you should consider purchasing a policy that will protect you if you have a fire, vandalism, theft, smoke damage etc. Another important coverage that you may also want to consider is business interruption/loss of earning insurance as part of the policy to protect your earnings if the business is unable to operate.


3. Business owner’s policy (BOP): A business owner policy packages all required coverage a business owner would need into one policy. Often, BOP’s will include business interruption insurance, property insurance, vehicle coverage, liability insurance, and crime insurance. Based on your company’s specific needs, your independent insurance agent can alter what is included in a BOP. Typically, a business owner will save money by choosing a BOP because the bundle of services often costs less than the total cost of all the individual coverage’s.


4. Commercial Auto Insurance: If your business relies on a car or a fleet of vehicle even a small fender bender can cost you time and money. Commercial auto insurance protects your company’s vehicles. You can protect vehicles that carry employees, products or equipment. With commercial auto insurance you can insure your work cars, SUVs, vans and trucks from damage and collisions. If you do not have company vehicles, but employees drive their own cars on company business you should have non-owned auto liability to protect the company in case the employee does not have insurance or has inadequate coverage. Many times, the non-owned can be added to the BOP policy.


5. Worker’s Compensation: If your business has employees state law will require coverage to protect your employees – and yourself, in the event of a work place injury. Worker’s compensation provides insurance to employees who are injured on the job. This type of insurance provides wage replacement and medical benefits to those who are injured while working. In exchange for these benefits, the employee gives up his rights to sue his employer for the incident. As a business owner, it is very
important to have worker’s compensation insurance because it protects yourself and your company from legal complications. State laws will vary, but all require you to have workers compensation if you have W2 employees. Penalties for non-compliance can be very stiff.


6. Professional Liability Insurance: this type of insurance is also known as Errors and Omissions Insurance. The policy provides defense and damages for failure to or improperly rendering professional services. Your general liability policy does not provide this protection, so it is important to understand the difference. Professional liability insurance is applicable for any professional firm including lawyers, accountants, consultants, notaries, real estate agents, insurance agents, hair salons and technology providers to name a few.


7. Employment Practices Liability: If your business has employees, employment practices liability could protect you and your business from the costs associated with lawsuits alleging discrimination, sexual harassment, and more.


8. Directors and Officers Insurance: this type of insurance protects the directors and officers of a company against their actions that affect the profitability or operations of the company. If a director or officer of your company, as a direct result of their actions on the job, finds him or herself in a legal situation, this type of insurance can cover costs or damages lost as a result of a lawsuit. Many non-profits also have a board of directors whose decisions can affect the church, condo association, or HOA and a Directors and Officers Insurance policy can protect them from liability.


9. Data Breach: If the business stores sensitive or non-public information about employees or clients on their computers, servers or in paper files they are responsible for protecting that information. If a breach occurs either electronically or from a paper file a Data Breach policy will provide protection against the loss.


10. Business Life Insurance: Life insurance protects an individual or a business against death. If you have life insurance, the insurer pays a certain amount of money to a beneficiary upon your death. You pay a premium in exchange for the payment of benefits to the beneficiary. This type of insurance is very important because it allows for peace of mind. Having life insurance allows you to know that your loved ones or your business will not be burdened financially upon your death. Business life insurance can also cover a key employee whose death can adversely affect the business operation.


Why Choose InsureU for your Business Insurance?


With 27 year of industry experience putting clients first and providing personal service is what makes us the best choice in Oklahoma for business insurance.


InsureU can shop the best coverages from the best insurance companies in the business. No insurance company is the best for all types of businesses, but a skilled independent insurance agent knows how to navigate the insurance market and find the best company for your business. Your independent insureU agent can provide annual policy reviews to make sure that you are getting the best rates from the best policies eliminating the need for you to call around and shop for yourself.

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